Love Unbound

《Love Unbound》 is an anthology series exploring the many facets of love in Singapore. It’s a compendium of love stories detailing the limitlessness of love. This results in the simplest and truest iteration of their quest for love, from a kaleidoscope of people.

Episode 1 – A Wizard’s Love

Young Henry (Alfred Ong) had always been fascinated with the magic house he lived in. Every morning he wakes up to a clean house and freshly made breakfast, even though he leaves a mess from playing with toys each night after school. In reality, his mother Mdm fang (Played by Lina Ng), cleans the house after work while he sleeps, making sure Henry has everything he needs for the day ahead. As Henry grows older, so does Mdm Fang and she begins to suffer from early onset Dementia. Now married with kids, Henry makes the hard decision to put his mother in an old folks home. As he reminisces about his childhood en route to the home, he is reminded of his mother’s love; and starts to question his decision.

Episode 2 – Love Again

Smitten by tales of princes and princessess, Ariel Wong (played by Jayley Woo) becomes friends with Edward Loh (played by Joshua Tan); who so happens to have the same name as the prince in her favourite storybook. They soon find themselves torn apart as life pulls them in different directions. But as fate would have it, they meet again years later, identified by a seashell bracelet Edward had given to her. The pair fall in love and eventually get married; but life doesn’t always go the way we want it to, sometimes loving someone means letting them go, and if they’re really meant for you, they’ll come back.

Episode 3 – Far Apart but Close at Heart

Kelly (played by Gini Chang) is leaving Singapore under the guise of pursuing her university degree but unknown to her Grandmother (played by Jalyn Han), she is actually going overseas for treatment of a terminal illness. The two had grown close over the years and share an unbreakable bond. Thick as thieves, they often confide in one another and video call regularly. Kelly unfortunately succumbs to her illness, but not before recording a series of touching birthday videos for her Grandma to watch after she’s gone.

Episode 4 – Familiar strangers

Still reeling from a breakup with her ex-fiancé, Dawn (played by Constance Lau) decides not to let what would have been their couples trip go to waste. With low spirits and a broken heart, She heads to Singapore solo and meets her bubbly and high-energy tour guide, Desiree (played by Xenia Tan). After an eventful few days together, Desiree finds an unlikely connection with Dawn. But their friendship that had only just blossomed finds an expected end as the tour comes to an end.


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